The Beach- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico




One thought on “The Beach- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  1. There are some good images in here–nice work. I especially like the close up of the hat with the feet. The sun is just a skosh too bright, but all jn all this is a good example of little details can tell a story. Now, you should think about the order of the images here. Would it be too simplistic to suggest that the sunset on the ocean should be at the end? Also, the starfish image could be cropped differently–the frame cuts off too much of his face. If that is just how the shot came out, consider just cropping around the starfish with the hand–do we need the face to get the idea of the photo? And that shot of the vendor–maybe it is just me, but I’m not sure if fits with the rest. The lazy white dude sitting in the background juxtaposed to the hardworking vendor might give the image more of a political bent than the rest of the images. Just a thought.

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