Final Project Plan

I am very excited to piece together my project and I feel like I have a pretty good handle on my plan. I would like to go to Coeur d’Alene and gather some photos/video footage of the Aryan Nation Compost. I also am hoping to use the interview that I conduct in a large way as well. I want my project to show the power that this group once had and how their power and decisions affected those surrounding them. I feel like I could integrate my experiences of growing up in a generally white area with the Aryan Nation around me into my project as well. I have seen protests and parades that displayed so much hate to other races. I want to do a mostly visual project, using videos and still images and voicing over them. I also would like to record my interview to add to my video portion. I would like to use IMovie for my project, I am very familiar with the soft wear and it is creat for voicing over and adding music. I feel that I am a strong writer, so I may want to do a small written report. However, my project will be mostly visual.


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