Email Draft

Dear Dr. Haltinner:

My name is Anna Hammons, I am a sophomore at the University of Idaho and I am in Russ Meeuf’s media writing class. Russ has assigned a semester long project that requires each student to research a large issue that also relates locally for each individual. I am from Coeur d’Alene and the Aryan Nation has been very prevalent in the area, and white supremacy groups have affected our country in a huge way. One of our upcoming assignments is to interview a faculty member who has done research that somewhat relates to our topic. I reached out to Russ for help in finding someone who fits the criteria, and he recommended you! I would love to set up an interview to learn from your findings in your research! I understand that much of your work on hate groups is not published yet. However, I would love to be able to review your work before we meet so I could have questions prepared. I would love to set up a meeting time at your convince!

Thank you for your time!

-Anna Hammons


One thought on “Email Draft

  1. Good start. Remember: the lessons of news leads apply to other writing contexts. So don’t bury the lead: ask for the interview in the first or second sentence. And lose the exclamation points. They can sometimes convey excitement, but they are too easily misinterpreted as being unprofessional. But this is good. Obviously, you would approach the email differently if I hadn’t intervened, but this works for your particular situation.

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