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The Aryan Nation is known for “white-power” and its neo-Nazi ways of acting. They were located in Hayden Lake, Idaho. They had a large compound that holds their rallies and meetings. The compound was taken from them in result of a lawsuit that left them bankrupt.  However, at the beginning of their time they began robbing individuals to fund their organization’s needs. A mother and her son were assaulted by members of this group and pressed charges; they are not the only ones who experienced these assaults. Richard Butler, a World War II veteran, is the founder of this religious based group. The Aryan Nation is based on Christian Identity. The Aryan Nation members are relatable wit the Klu Klux Klan and anti-Jewish groups. The Aryan Nation created the “Aryan Nation Academy” in the 1980s, they also held skinhead bands, and had events coinciding with Adolf Hitler’s birthday. In 2001 the Ray Redeaim, of Ohio, was appointed to be Butlers successor. Redeaim has a history of violent and harsh acts; it is easy to speculate that this will only carry into the ways of the Aryan Nation.


“Aryan Nation/Church of Jesus Christ Christian.” 2005.  Anti-Defense League. Web. 30 Jan 2014.



I am interested in using these sources as well:


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  1. Hi Anna. This is a fine source–the ADL is a reputable organization whose information you can generally trust. But I still think you should look for some news sources about this issue that might provide some interesting context for you. The summary is fairly choppy here, mostly because you are summarizing a lengthy report on the history of the group rather than a story about them or an analysis of them. News sources might also help you refine the topic into a particular angle more.

    Let me know if you have questions.

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